The “Old Grey Fergie” and the like are fast becoming collector’s items now many of the older mowing contractors have retired. They are undoubtedly worth more cleaned up, fixed up and kept or sold. Nostalgia is great, but the reality is that there is a new kid on the block.

The high cost of old second-hand tractors and the high parts and labour rates to maintain them makes the modern Compact Tractor an ever more viable option.

Many people also prefer the reliability of being able to mow when they want and not being let down by their equipment.

Solis offer a range of Compact Tractors to suit a wide range of requirements and we are not just a dealer of these great bits of kit, we are users as well – check our recent blog dubbed “are solis tractors any good” to find out why we sell this particular range.

From the smaller 20HP & 26HP models to the larger 50HP, & 75HP models, they all carry a 3 year Manufacturers Warranty.

There is even a 75 Narrow especially for maintaining Vineyards and Orchards.

All have standard 3 point linkage to accept any type of mower, roller, harrow, hydraulic tipping trailer or indeed any available compatible piece of agricultural implement.

Bale Baron Uk Ltd are the Solis Stockist for Sussex Surrey and Kent, and always available for friendly advice and assistance.

If you would like to discuss the Solis Tractor range with our team do not hesitate to call Philip, Nick or Jonathan on +44 1403 887720 or complete our contact form on this page and we’ll give you a call back.