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McHale – The Professional Choice

Over the last 30 years they have developed a range of specialist farm machinery focusing on balers and bale wrappers for the production of round and square baled silage, and round bales of hay and straw.


McHale Balers

Over the last decade, the McHale range of balers have been operating in over 5 continents in some of the world’s most difficult conditions. McHale balers have developed a reputation for providing high output, excellent reliability, operator comfort and top resale value.

McHale Fusion

There is continued pressure on the farming and agricultural community to reduce costs and increase yields.  McHale have worked tirelessly on development of baler and wrapping machinery to combine two traditionally separate jobs.

Now these two tasks can be done by one man and one machine at the same time.  Saving you hours.


McHale has evolved from a farm machinery retail outlet, which is still in existence today. This background has provided an excellent foundation for the design and manufacture of farm machinery, due to direct contact with the end user.

McHale Mowers

Every year McHale balers produce over 75 million bales of forage for farmers and contractors. To maximise the feed value of this forage it is important that grass crops are cut when the sugar content is highest, and that the mower leaves clean crop stubble and produces quality forage free from impurities.

McHale Rakes

Building on their comprehensive range of grass machinery, McHale now introduce their R 62-72 centre delivery rake.

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