991 High Speed

991 High Speed Twin Dispenser Round Bale Wrapper

McHale’s round bale wrapper range has been designed with the demands of today’s farmer and contractor in mind. This common-sense approach to design ensures that each machine’s operation is kept simple and user friendly.

Farmers and contractors all over the world are under pressure to reduce costs and increase output. To help with this, McHale concentrate on features like the patented hydraulic ground supported bale damper system, patented high-speed transfer system, patented tip rollers, hydraulically operated cut & hold system, 750mm dispensers and high specification components.

These features ensure long working life, reliability and a machine rugged enough to handle the toughest crops, heaviest bales and roughest ground conditions.

The McHale 991 High Speed round bale wrapper sets the pace for efficient and effective, with the hydraulically operated cut and hold system, reducing wrapping time with it’s twin dispensers and Patented Ground Supported Damper System. The 991 High Speed round bale wrapper delivers tightly wrapped bales which seal and preserve the crop, with all it’s natural juices, ensuring increased nutritional value. The twin 750mm aluminum dispensers maintain a consistent stretch, which maximises film usage. The dispenser units consist of two aluminium rollers, which are geared to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios. The two dispensers on the 991 High Speed are stepped so that there is an overlap where the two sheets of plastic come together.

Built To Last

Twin Dispensers

Twin 750mm dispensers equipped with two aluminum rollers are paired to each other with robust steel gears of different ratios to maintain a consistent stretch and maximise film usage.

The twin dispensers are stepped to allow the two rolls of plastic to create an overlap and provide 50% more output compared with a McHale 991 BE.

Ground Supported Damper System

The patented bale damper system gently lowers the bale to the ground while eliminating any stress on the  chassis of the machine.

When tipping a bale, the heavy-duty damper is also lifted to cradle it, while the second arm is lowered automatically to the ground. This allows the heaviest of bales to be gently lowered to the ground, eliminating any damage.

Lift Arm & Wrapping Table

The 991 BC and BJS lift arms are operated manually. On the 991 BE and High-Speed, the auto lift function places the bale on the wrapping table automatically.

The wrapping table has four heavy-duty belts, which ensure smooth and consistent bale rotation even when dealing with loose or asymmetric bales.

Extra Film Storage with Easy Handling

The 991 High-Speed can carry 8 rolls of film:

2 rolls (dispensers) + 6 rolls (film storage)

Optional Side Tip

An optional side tip is available on all trailed machines to place bales on their ends after wrapping is complete.

This helps by:

  • Tipping the bales onto where they have more plastic, thus reducing damage in stubbly fields.
  • Allowing round bales to hold their shape better.
  • Stopping the bale from rolling when ejected on slopes.

Cut & Hold System

At the end of the wrapping cycle, the hydraulically operated cut & hold system cuts and holds the film in position ready to wrap the next bale.

Uniquely designed, this system works reliably and consistently in all weather conditions. The plastic is gathered to one point, cut and then pulled against the side of the bale so that tails are minimised.

Automatic Film Break Sensors

Automatic film break sensors monitor the plastic as it wraps the bale. If one roll breaks or runs

out, the operator is notified on screen and the machine switches to single dispenser mode.

It will automatically compensate to ensure bales are wrapped correctly. If both rolls break or finish at the same time, the cycle will resume when the rolls are reset.

Easy Load Dispensers

The McHale lock and load system makes film loading quick and easy by locking the dispenser bobbin up when unloading and locking it back down by simply pulling the cable.

All machines are fitted with 750mm aluminium dispensers, which provide a 70% film stretch. Other film stretch options are available on request.

Shear Bolt Unit

A Shear Bolt protects the gearbox when wrapping poorly shaped bales. All machines are now driven by a heavier gearbox than previous models.

The gears are wider in diameter and have a larger tooth module on them, making them easier to drive. This heavy-duty gearbox contains a new key way protection system, which replaces the old roll pin system.

Wrapping with one roll of film

The dispenser post height can be manually adjusted to maximum position using the height adjustment handle.

On the dispenser closest to the tractor, the plastic will be applied to the centre of the bale, ensuring the correct overlap. Select the “X1” button on the control console to operate it as a single dispenser machine.

Expert Control Console

The Expert electronic control console fully automates the wrapping process. This user-friendly console provides access to all functions without ever having to leave the comfort of the tractor seat.

From the control console, an operator can select;

  • Auto bale load function
  • Auto bale tip function
  • Single roll bale wrapping mode

While the 991 High-Speed is fully automatic, the operator can select manual options to maximise control depending on their ground conditions.

Radio Remote Control Kit for Static Wrapping

With a radio remote control kit, an operator can load a bale and activate the automatic cycle remotely.

While the bale is wrapping, the operator stacks the last wrapped bale and collects a netted bale to wrap next. The wrapped bale is automatically tipped and the netted bale is placed on the wrapping table to start the wrapping process again.

Technical Specification

Dimensions & Weight
Transport Length 5.7 m (18’8″)
Transport Width 2.45 m (8’1″)
Transport Height 2.46 m (8’1″)
Height to Top of Rollers 1.25 m (4’1″)
Weight (unladen) 1900 kg (4189 lbs)
Bale Size 1.52 m (3’3″-5′)
Aluminum Dispensers 2 x 750 mm
Film Stretch

70% Standard

55% Optional

Wrapping Speed (up to) 30 rotations/min
Wrapping System


Protection Mechanism Shear Bolt

Lift Capacity 

@ 170 bar

1100 kg (2425 lbs)
Equipment On Each Model
Driver Control Expert Plus Control Console
Operation Automatic & Manual
Radio Remote Control Optional
Film Roll Capacity X 8 (2+6)
Cut & Hold Yes
Bale Wrap Monitor Yes
Road Lights Yes
Greasing Points 20
Wheel Dimensions

Standard: 380/55-17

Optional: 480/45-17

Axle 6 Stud
Attachment to Tractor Pin Hitch
Min. Hydraulic Requirements 22 l/min @ 170 bar
Hydraulic Connections

2 x 1/2″ QR’s Open

or Closed Centre

Electrical Requirements 12v 10A EuroPlug or Direct from Battery
Minimum hp Requirement 35 kW / 47 hp