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 Much like Bale Baron UK, McHale is a family owned and run business and over the last 3 decades they have been developing a specialist range of farm machinery and equipment with a lean towards baling, balers and wrappers. We are pleased to offer and support our customers with McHale equipment.

The aim of McHale is to provide robust, efficient and powerful machinery and equipment that is reliable on all terrains and the McHale centre delivery rakes have been tested and developed across some of the globes most difficult conditions.

These McHale handlers & splitters are the ideal equipment for farmers who want the ease of moving your wrapper or unwrapped bales from field to storage. Maximise your baling and harvesting output with Bale Baron and McHale.

Let us help you maximise the efficiency of your operation and meet the demand of your customers.

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Current Lineup

McHale 691 – Round Bale Handler

SpecificationsMcHale 691 – Round Bale Handler
Height0.65m / 2’2”
Weight160kg / 352lbs
Hydraulic RequirementsOne Double Acting Service
Lifting Capacity1100kg / 2425lbs
Closed Distance Between the Arms0.73m / 2’4”
Open Distance Between the Arms1.37m / 4’5”
Max Width (Fully Open)1.63m / 5’4”
Length of Arms1.19m / 4’0”
Length (Overall)1.42m / 4’7”


McHale R5 – Round Bale Handler

SpecificationsMcHale R5 – Round Bale Handler
Height0.59m / 2’0”
Weight160kg / 352lbs
Hydraulic RequirementsOne Double Acting Service
Lifting Capacity1100kg / 2425lbs
Closed Distance Between Centres of the Arms0.67m / 2’3”
Open Distance Between Centres of the Arms1.65m / 5’5”
Length (Overall)1.42m / 4’7”
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure150 bar / 2250lbs/sq. in


McHale 994 – Round Bale Splitter

SpecificationsMcHale 994 – Round Bale Splitter
Height (Open)2.20m / 7’3”
Height (Closed)1.00m / 3’3”
Weight230kg / 507lbs
Hydraulic RequirementsOne Double Acting Service
Lifting Capacity1100kg / 2425lbs
CapacityUp to 1.5m bales / Up to 5’ bales
Width1.25m / 4’2”
Length (Overall)2.05m / 6’8”


McHale Rs4 Bale Splitter & Wrap Retainer

SpecificationsMcHale Rs4 – Bale Splitter & Wrap Retainer
Transport length (knife down)2.25 m / 7’ 5”
Transport width (tines retracted)1.42 m / 4’ 8”
Total height (knife up)2.35 m / 7’ 9”
Total height (knife down)0.84 m/ 2’ 11”
Weight375 kg / 826 lbs”
HydraulicsOne double acting service”
Minimum hydraulic pressure150 bar /2,175 P.S.I
Maximum hydraulic pressure200 bar /2,900 P.S.I
Minimum hydraulic flow10 ltr/min / 2.2 gal/min
Maximum bale weight1200 kg / 2,646 lbs


A little more about Bale Baron UK

Bale Baron UK are the official UK Dealer for Marcrests Bale Baron Range, Solis Tractors Dealer for Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and distributors of McHale Machinery.

Bale Baron UK supplies full back-up, technical support and spare parts services operating a 24hr phone line to respond to any service/spare parts requirements during the season.

For more information about Bale Baron, McHale and Solis Tractors or to arrange a visit to our South East Showroom just get in touch with us today using the form to the right, emailing us or by calling 01403 887720

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