991L Range

The McHale 991L range of linkage round bale wrappers is the first choice for farmers and contractors who are interested in wrapping bales at the storage site. The 991L range offers the perfect blend of tried and tested technology with solid construction and reliable performance. There are three models in the 991 linkage round bale wrapper range.

Starting with the manually operated 991 LB model, equipped with intuitive controls operated by four individual levers. Whether powered by a tractor or an independent power pack, its versatile design allows for flexible placement of the control valve. Monitoring the revolutions per minute and the layer application, this model provides customizable options for film layers and efficient bale storage tracking.

Moving to the fully automatic 991 LBER, convenience takes center stage with its control console. Operators can effortlessly adjust settings and select preferred film layers, initiating the wrapping cycle with a single touch of the auto-start button. This model ensures precision wrapping and automated bale tipping, streamlining the process from start to finish.

Finally, the 991 TBER stands out with its adaptability and mobility, featuring a specially designed chassis for easy transportation. Compatible with hydraulic power packs, it offers flexibility for on-the-go wrapping, suitable for small tractors or telehandlers. This model seamlessly combines efficiency with portability, ideal for dynamic agricultural operations.

991 LB Single Dispenser

Round Bale Linkage Wrapper

991 LBER Single Dispenser

Round Bale Linkage Wrapper

991 TBER Single Dispenser

Round Bale Trailed Wrapper