McHale 994 BALE SPLItter


Combining simplicity and strength the McHale 994 Round Bale Splitter cuts bales of silage, hay or straw, quickly, neatly and efficiently.

The 994  is powered by one double acting hydraulic cylinder with a uniquely designed knife and will securely transport bales from the stacking site to the feeding location.

The operator simply splits the bale as desired in the feeding area or into a Feeder wagon. If the McHale 994 splits the bale in the feed out area, it can also be used to push the bale segments into the feeding location.

The McHale round bale splitter is supplied in a standard configuration as a three point linkage machine and can also be fitted to a tractor loader or industrial handler. Like all McHale products, the McHale round bale splitter incorporates common sense design, quality components and precision engineering to make round bale splitting more efficient.

Built To Last

Bale Transportation

With the knife in the upper position the McHale 994 bale splitter can be used to spike the bale and transport it from the stacking area to the feeding area.

Bale Splitting

Once the bale is transported to the feeding area by the 994, the bale can be split by one simple cut of the specifically designed knife.

Bale Transportation After Splitting

Once the bale is split the tines can again be used to bring the different sections of the bale to different areas in the feed lot.

Splitting Green Chop

The McHale 994 round bale splitter can also be used to split Green Chop.

Splitting Hay or Straw

The McHale 994 round bale splitter can also be used to split hay or straw.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification
Weight 230 kg / 507 lbs
Length (Overall) 2.05 m / 6’8”
Width 1.25 m / 4’2”
Height Open 2.20 m / 7’3”
Height Closed 1 m / 3’3”
Lifting Capacity
1100 kg / 2425 lbs
Hydraulic Requirements
One Double Acting Service
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure
150 bar/ 2250 Ibs/