B9000 Combination Mower

McHale Pro Glide B9000 Combination Mower

Every year McHale balers produce over 75 million bales of forage for farmers and contractors. To maximise the feed value of this forage it is important that grass crops are cut when the sugar content is highest, and that the mower leaves clean crop stubble and produces quality forage free from impurities.

McHale offer farmers and contractors a choice of combination mowers. The McHale Pro Glide B9000 is fitted with 3m cutter bars and has a cutting width of up to 8.75m when coupled with an F3100 front mower. The larger model, the McHale Pro Glide B9600 is equipped with two 3.4m cutter bars and can cut up to 9.6m when operating with an F3100 front mower.

All mowers are fitted with steel tine conditioners and benefit from several novel features resulting in better ground following ability and quicker reaction times to changes in ground conditions to deliver a clean cut with uncontaminated crop.

Built To Last

Transverse Pivot Range - 17°

The left/right transverse movement means the cutter bar maintains a clean cut as it smoothly glides over humps and hollows in the ground.

Forward / Back Movement - 12°

This movement ensures a precision floatation of the cutter bar for a cleaner cut in all ground conditions.

Unique Cutterbar Protection

If the mower encounters an obstacle, the cutter bar can move back and up.

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3 Dimensional Ground Contour Tracking

Most rear mowers have a central pin which allows the mower to move left and right to adjust to changes in ground condition.

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The McHale Pro Glide is different in that it is fitted with a patented 3D ground tracking suspension unit, which ensures that the Pro Glide cutter bar delivers better cutting performance by:

  • Move left and right – 17°

  • Move Forward and Back – 12°

  • Let the cutter bar move back and up if it collides with an obstacle

Mechanical Break Back

The Pro Glide range of rear mowers are fitted with patented ground adaption technology, which allows the bed to move back and up if the bed encounters small obstacles. This saves time and maximises throughput as it means the obstacle does not trigger the main break back protection. This results in higher mowing speeds being able to be achieved without the interruption of having to reset the break back.

Hydraulic Width Adjustment

Hydraulic Width Adjustment is available as an optional extra on the McHale Pro Glide B9000 and B9600 combination mowers. The operator can hydraulically adjust the width position of the rear mowers to eliminate striping on slopes and curves. The hydraulic rams integrated into the mower beams shift the cutter bars sideways either together or independently to allow for overlap on each mower.

Cutter Bar Ground Pressure

On the Pro Glide rear mowers, the cutter bar ground pressure can be set from the tractor cab. The working pressure is visually displayed on the clock which is mounted on the headstock. Once the desired pressure is selected the cutter bar working pressure can be isolated from the tractor hydraulics with a mechanical tap.

Cutter Bar

Pro Glide mowers are fitted with an extremely strong fully welded cutter bar. All 3m cutter bars are fitted with 7 discs while all the 3.4m cutter bars are equipped with 8 discs. The discs are driven by auxiliary gears and as the cutter bar is welded and filled with oil, the gear drive operates in a continually lubricated environment which ensures quiet operations and maximum life.

Cutter Bar Drive

The Pro Glide cutter bar is powered by a heavy duty right angle gearbox that is positioned behind the inner mowing disc. The positioning of the gearbox allows the operator to mow into corners and over rough terrain without experiencing problems.

Low Profile Front Edge

The Pro Glide cutter bar has been designed so the rounded low profile front edge lets the fully welded cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground. The slanted leading edge of the cutter bar allows for clean forage separation and reduces ground contamination.

Heavy Duty Design

In the cutter bar, large heavy duty drive gears transfer the power to auxiliary gears which power the individual discs. The auxiliary gears which drive the individual discs are mounted in a forward position on the cutter bar which deliver maximum cutting performance even when working in lodged crops.


The mowing discs are specifically designed to maximise crop flow. All mowing discs are equipped with two blades that are angled to ensure a clean cut. The blades orbit with a generous overlap to deliver an uncontaminated swath. Each mowing disc has its own individual protective safety mechanism, if a collision occurs, the mechanism will shear in order to protect the drive.

Blade Overlap

The 110mm mower blades rotate and overlap very close to the surface of the cutter bar and the counter blade to deliver a clean cut. With the aid of the specially designed lever, the blades on the McHale Pro Glide mower can be changed quickly and easily. A weatherproof toolbox is mounted on the mower for storing spare blades and tools.

Steel Tine Conditioner

The McHale Pro Glide comes standard with a steel tine conditioner to condition the grass as efficiently as possible. In order to increase wilting time and decrease the exposure of the forage to the weather, the McHale Pro Glide prepares a uniform swath by conditioning across the working width of the mower.

Conditioner Drive

The conditioner is driven by a mechanical gearbox. Conditioning speeds can be adjusted between 700 and 1000 rpm with the simple pull of a lever. The position of the steel tines allow for powerful conditioning, which ensures the McHale Pro Glide range can deliver fast uniform wilting. Should a tine come into contact with a foreign object they pivot out of the way.

Swath Width

The operator can select from six adjustments for adjusting conditioning intensity. The operator also has the option to set the deflection plates and leaves the swath in a wide or narrow formation.

Drive Line

The McHale Pro Glide mower range is fitted with a heavy duty 1,000 rpm drive line. Power is transmitted through heavy duty star tubing and the shaft is protected by the Walterscheid P Line range of drive shafts. These drive shaft covers allow for very easy and simple access to all greasing points without the need for any untidy anti-rotation chains on the shaft guards and results in improved operator safety by delivering a longer service life.

Vertical Transportation & Parking

The McHale Pro Glide folds vertically to position itself behind the centre point of the tractor for safe transport. This position allows for the mowers to distribute their weight across the tractor for ease of transport on the road while also providing the driver with a clear rear view. The B9000 & B9600 combination mowers come as standard with a vertical parking stand. By simply unfolding the parking legs, the mowers can be parked vertically when not in use or for winter storage to avoid taking up shed space.

Technical Specification

Dimensions & Weight
Transport Width 2.98m (117″)
Transport Length 2.2m (87″)
Transport Height 4m (158″)
Weight 2,760kg (6085lbs)
Mower Specifications
Cutting Width 8.15m–8.75m (321″–345″) including Front Mower
Swath Width 1.3m – 2.3m (51″-91″)
Number of Cutting Discs 14 (7×2)
Total Number of Blades 28 (2 blades per disc)
Cutting Height 25mm – 75mm (1″–3″)
Cutting Disc Speed 3,200 rpm
Cutting Blade Quick Change
Hydraulic Width Adjustment
Counter Balance Weights Not Applicable
Conditioner Type Steel Tine Conditioner
Conditioner Speed 700 / 1000 rpm
Tractor Attachment
Minimum Power Requirement 150kW / 200HP (including Front Mower)
Linkage Attachment CAT II or CAT III (Rear) 3-Point Linkage
PTO Speed 1,000 rpm
Lighting LED Lighting: 12 V/7-pin socket
Hydraulic Systems

3 Double Acting Hydraulic Supply with Float (Minimum)

& Single Acting Hydraulic Supply (Optional)

Minimum Pressure 180 bar (2,610 psi)
Minimum Hydraulic Flow Rate
40 l/min (8.79 gal/min) @ 180 bar (2,610 psi)
9.5 ha/h (23.5 acres/hour)