RTK Path

360° Obstacles



Up to 6 Acres per

100% Electric

Auto/Manual Mode
& Remote Control

Driving Mode

Level Up Your Mowing Experience

FJD Z42P, a groundbreaking autonomous electric zero-turn mower, offers 3 operating modes to bring you maximum flexibility. Based on the RTK positioning system, it can achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy during path planning to boost your cutting efficiency. It saves costs while delivering superior mowing performance and versatility.

BOost Your Business Not the Cost

Save 90% +

Energy Cost

Save 50% +

Labor Cost

Save 75 % +

Maintenance Cost

Flexible Operation Modes

Autonomous Mode

The mower equipped with our new fusion technology to perform unmanned operations even in areas with no satellite signal, such as under trees or near tall buildings.

Remote Control Mode

Monitor the mowing status on the tablet and keep yourself away from heat, noise, and dust.

Manual Mode

Drive Straight & One-click Turn Around
The assisted driving system helps you to perfect your work without holding the levers and truly turn the working time your time. Working is no longer a burden, but a relaxing and enjoyable driving experience.

Autonomous Mowing Experience

Remote Control Mode

Thanks to the FJD RTK positioning system, Vidar sets up a virtual boundary and creates a map with centimeter-level accuracy. It provides selective paths to avoid overlaps and minimize skips, which significantly improves cutting efficiency.

RTK Path Planning

Generates a zigzag or spiral path with centimeter-level precision.

Path Customization

Flexible mowing paths can be set to cope with complex terrains through path memory function

Real-time Obstacles Detection

360-degree obstacle detection system ensures the safety of automatic operations.

Outstanding Mowing Performance


Covers up to 6 acres for one full charge.
Extra batteries and chargers available for extended mowing hours.

Ground Ability

Climbs up to 20° slope and park on 16.7° slope.

Electric Deck Adjustment

Adjusts the cutting height through the tablet effortlessly instead of manual adjustment.

Application Scenarios