Revolutionize your mowing experience
with pure electric power

Enjoy premium lawn care with the FJD GM22 Electric Walk-behind Greens Mower. This eco-friendly mower runs on 100% electric power and can cover up to 7000㎡ on a single charge. With its four-direction floating head, one-screen operation, and one-click backlapping feature, you can mow your lawn like a pro with ease and efficiency.

Simple to Use

One Screen Operation

You can easily adjust the travel speed and mowing frequency, as well as access the sharpening or mowing functions.

Flexible Cutting Unit Suspension

Achieve a perfect cut on any terrain with GM22’s four-direction floating head design. It adapts to slopes, bumps and curves, ensuring an even and smooth cut across your lawn.

Dual Driving Options

Effortlessly drive the mower by pressing physical buttons or holding the lever, and easily adjust the mowing speed with convenient buttons. Forget about screen sliding – just press and go.

Customize Your Handle Lever

The GM22 lets you adjust the handle lever to your liking with three positions for comfort and ease.

Go Green and Save Energy

100% Electric

Save up to 90% of your daily energy expense with our GM22 which delivers gas-like power without the fumes, noise or vibration. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience with this eco-friendly and energy-efficient machine and say goodbye to oil leakage and grass damage.

Full of Power

Mow more with less charging with our high-capacity battery, which can cover up to 7000㎡ per single charge. No need to worry about running out of juice or finding a power outlet.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Blade Sharpening Effortlessly

No need for additional tools or devices, saving you at least 30 minutes of your daily sharpening time. Backlapping also extends the life of your blade and reduces wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance

No more mess with oil, air filter,spark plugs. Less time and money spent with GM22 as it requires no engine maintenance or upkeep.

Mowing Frequency Adjustment at Ease

Easily adjust your mowing frequency after replacing blade with FJD intelligent control system. No professional skills or tools required.

Application Scenarios