Kayhan Ertuğrul 520 Baler

  • With the perfect in-line design of KE 520, there is no on-road/on-duty position to change.
  • The knotter set is clean and operative all the time with the performance of fan system
  • Pick up unit designed wider (193 cm) and low-profile for maximum performance on every type of crop
  • Crank feeder system provides the highest level of product flow with high-strength spiral and special design
  • Central lubrication system provides continuous working performance with the option of knotter sets
  • 120 rpm transmission gear provides sturdiness, knockless and smooth operation
  • With suitable for large diameter twine rolls by fives on both sides, long-lasting and continuous work
  • Support wheel for stable working even in the toughest conditions

Massey Ferguson 1840 Baler

The MF 1840 small rectangular baler employs a ‘centre-line’ design in which the crop flows through the machine in a straight line – working like a mini large square baler, improving efficiency because the crop is not turned before entering the chamber.

Key features are retained from its predecessor , such as narrow transport width, 1.9m wide pick-up with standard gauge wheels, short stroke and high speed.

Bale skiis

The BaleSkiis® Baler Liner was developed to eliminate the problems associated with all sizes of square balers. It is the only significant improvement in the elimination of square baler problems since the square baler has been put into wide-spread use. While eliminating the problems of the baler, it also improves the function and cost effectiveness of the power source that runs the baler (tractor or engine). It improves the efficiency and use of the bale retrieving, transporting, and stacking equipment, by making a more uniform and compact bale. Because of the BaleSkiis® design it does so with no moving parts and, in fact, reduces wear on the baler and power source.