Solis 20

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General Information

SERIES Compact Series
STEERING Mechanical
ENGINE Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / MLV-3E (water cooled)RPM
USAGE Agriculture, Small Holdings


Detailed Specs

Solis 20

Designed with a small frame and low ground clearance to accommodate a mowing deck, the Solis 20 sub-compact tractor delivers the versatility of a compact utility tractor, with agile 4WD handling and the ease of use of a garden tractor.

The Solis 20 is the perfect choice for a variety of uses, in a wide range of environments. This nimble, versatile sub-compact tractor has made its home in equestrian yards, small farms, golf courses, tennis courts, sports fields and even large gardens.

With its 3-cylinder Mitsubishi engine, standard options of turf, agricultural or industrial tyres and a range of attachment tools available, the Solis 20 is the best value sub-compact tractor on the UK market today.

3 Cylinder Engine

High torque fuel efficient low noise & vibration

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable control

4WD Front Axle

For better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning

Backlit Instrument Cluster

Easy to see at night

Track Width

Suitable for inter cultural crops

Multi-speed PTO

Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application

Dry Type Air Cleaner with Clogging Sensor

Solis 20

Model Type 20
Steering Mechanically
Drive 4WD
Tyres Choice – Agricultural | Turf | Industrial
Seat Adjustable Sprung Seat With Safety Belt
Dashboard Illuminated
Usage Agriculture, Construction, Landscape, Small Holdings
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Technical Specifications

Engine Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / MLV-3E (water cooled)
Power 20HP
Displacement 2700 RPM
Engine Speed 952  cc
Transmission 6F+2R
Clutch Single clutch with safety switch
Speed Max: 10 MPH / Min: 1 MPH
PTO Speed Tiller Tyres = 540 / 540E / 1000rpm Lawn / Industrial Tyres = 540 / 540E
Hydraulics Three-point CAT I, lifting force 500 kg, 1 SA control unit, flow + Pressureless return
Brake System Drum Brake
Towable 1600 kg
Electrical Battery 12 V / 65 Ah / trailer socket 7-pin
Fuel Tank Capacity 26 litres
Air Cleaner Dry type with clogging sensor
Turning Radius 2.3 m
Tyres Front 5.00 × 12
Tyres Rear 8.00 × 18
Weight 885 kg
Rear Hitch Optional Rear Hitch
Follower Front Linkage Optional Front Linkage – Approx. 1,100 kg lifting capacity – CAT 0 with coupling triangle or CAT 1 (with Walterscheid quick coupler) – Two double-acting Lifting cylinders – lower link with pendulum compensation, can be folded up and removed without tools
Solis Front Loader Optional Front Loader – Parallel guide – 280 kg lifting capacity (with standard bucket ) – 3rd control circuit – Available attachments: bucket, rock bucket, pallet fork, grab bucket, 4 in 1 bucket

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