Bale Baron Service

Bale baron SERVICE charges rates 2024 season

At Bale Baron UK Ltd we fully understand the importance of reliable service for the products we sell.

Where a manufacturer’s good name is only as good as the product he sells, our name is only as good as the back-up we give. It helps that we believe we are selling the best products.


Workshop rate £65.00 per hour 

Call out rate £85.00 per hour 8:00am – 4:00pm

Overtime rate £110.00 per hour 4:01pm – 7:59am

Bank Holiday rate £110.00 per hour

Travelling time & mileage (both ways) £1.60 per mile


Mileage charges are calculated on assumed journey to and from the home base of the attending engineer  
Third party materials & engineers expenses at cost + 15%

In order for all of our servicing to be completed as smoothly as possible we would appreciate your help by way of booking in as early as possible.

Our Service team



Nick started work with Sid at South Down Tractors before leaving to start his own successful agricultural repair business. He has worked with us at Bale Baron since the first machine came over in 2009. 



Started training as an agricultural engineer in 1979 and soon found an opportunity to specialise in Hesston machinery .Trained on the original McConnell bale packer and began his business Independent Tractors in 1990 providing service and support to balers throughout the UK and Europe.
In 2009 he was approached by Nick Scrase to support their new Bale Baron .The rest as they say is history



Ian is an experienced agricultural engineer, he services all of our Mchale and Solis tractors as well as running his own agricultural business.