The TERRA.ROLLER expert pro­fes­sio­nal roller impresses on the field with even ground pressure and optimum terrain ad­just­ment. But it is also ideally equipped for use on grassland. Even at first glance, the three-part earth roller scores points with its par­ti­cu­lar­ly robust frame. Further strengths are revealed out on the field.

On the one hand, the in­di­vi­dual­ly suspended roller elements ensure optimum ad­just­ment to the soil surface. On the other hand, the
roller delivers an even ground pressure over the entire working width. The pressure is adjusted me­cha­ni­cal­ly or hy­drau­li­cal­ly, depending on the equipment version.

The TERRA.ROLLER expert can be supplied with both seeder equipment and seedbed pre­pa­ra­ti­on tools on request. The com­pres­sed air brake system, also available as an option, ensures safe road travel.



The TERRA.ROLLER expert can also be optionally supplied with a seeder. The seeder can be retrofitted with a tread at any time.

Weight distribution

The pre-tensioned springs transfer the middle roller element’s weight to the two outer surfaces and thus ensure an even distribution of ground pressure. This, in turn, leads to a uniform working pattern across the entire width.

Transport position

With a transport width of just 2.50 m, the TERRA.ROLLER expert can be moved conveniently and safely on the road. From an axle load of three tons, the düvelsdorf professional roller is equipped with compressed air brakes as standard.


    • Perfect ground adjustment
    • Uniform ground pressure
    • Robust frame
    • Low support load
    • Optionally available with seeder
    • Optionally available with seedbed preparation tools


      The TERRA.ROLLER expert leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre. So there are also different types of rings to choose from. To obtain the optimum solution for your soil conditions, you can choose between Cambridge and toothed ring elements.


      The Cambridge rings achieve both fine crumbling and good surface compaction. The large bearing clearance in the serrated ring, which moves irregularly in working mode, produces a self-cleaning effect and thus prevents the roller from sticking when used on heavy soils.


      •  Promotes early and uniform seedling emergence
      • Prevents snail infestations
      • Protects young plants on windy surfaces from being blown away


      • On arable and grassland
      • Reseeding and new planting of grassland
      • Intercropping
      • Tillering stimulation


      The toothed ring elements break up heavy clods of earth due to their higher weight and aggressive structure. This makes the sowing layer quite fine for a depth of 2 to 3 cm and gives the seeds good soil contact. The coarse particles remaining on the surface prevent silting up, evaporation and drifting.


      • Supports the fight against pyralid moths by breaking up the maize stubble
      • Aggressive crushing of soil clods
      • Narrow structure and large number of tooth tips lead to intensive crumbling


      • On arable and grassland
      • Reseeding and new planting of grassland
      • Intercropping
      • Stubble cultivation
      Cambridge elements Ø 460 mm Cambridge elements Ø 550 mm Toothed ring elements
      Working widths in m: 6,3 / 7,7 / 8,3 / 9,3 6,3 / 7,7 / 8,3 / 9,3 6,3 / 7,7 / 8,3 / 9,3
      Transport widths in m: 2,5 2,5 2,5
      Roller diameter in mm: 460 550 450/500
      Weight per element pair in kg: 22 32 32
      Number of element pairs: 10 10 10
      Total weight: 3140 / 3500 / 3740 / 4080 3680 / 4460 / 4650 / 5040 3680 / 4460 / 4650 / 5040
      Axle load: 2240 / 2520 / 2720 / 2900 2660 / 3180 / 3300 / 3560 2660 / 3180 / 3300 / 3560



        Combining the GREEN.RAKE expert and the TERRA.ROLLER expert brings together the advantages of both machines and creates a multi-talented tool for grassland and arable land. The rake and roller can be used together or independently of each other.

        This allows a higher rate of equipment use as well as a complete processing in one operation to be achieved. The roller can be used individually for arable farming and the rake works on its own on grassland. Coupling and un­cou­pling is quick and uncomplicated thanks to the attachment in the lower link hook. The grassland combination is operated simply by two double-acting control units.


        • Low support load with large working width
        • Roller and rake can also be used in­de­pen­dent­ly of each other
        • Simple operation due to two DW control units
        • Combined rake and roller can be suspended in a coupled state


        The rake-roller combination can be suspended both in the transport position and in the  working position.