991B Range

Discover McHale’s 991B round bale wrapper range, meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of today’s farmers and contractors. With this in mind they have an unwavering commitment to practical design, each machine operates seamlessly, prioritizing user-friendliness and efficiency.

In today’s competitive agricultural landscape, farmers and contractors worldwide strive to minimize costs while maximizing productivity. As a result McHale confronts these challenges head-on by focusing on innovative features tailored to enhance performance. Moreover, their lineup boasts exclusive technologies such as the patented hydraulic ground-supported bale damper system, high-speed transfer system, tip rollers, hydraulically operated cut & hold system, 750mm dispensers, and premium-grade components.

These advanced features guarantee exceptional durability, reliability, and the capability to tackle the most demanding crops, heaviest bales, and toughest terrain. Within the 991 B range, the McHale 991 BC serves as the entry-level model, offering intuitive control with four individual levers governing all wrapping functions.

For users seeking enhanced precision and sophistication, the McHale 991 BJS stands out as a servo joystick machine, leveraging low-pressure hydraulics for smooth, controlled transitions between functions. Esteemed for its versatility, this system empowers users with comprehensive control over the machine’s operations through intuitive joystick movements.

Finally at the pinnacle of the range lies the McHale 991 BE, representing the epitome of automation and efficiency. This fully automatic, electronic, single dispenser machine boasts an Auto Load function, effortlessly loading bales onto the wrapping table, streamlining the workflow for maximum convenience and productivity.


 Experience the unmatched performance and reliability of McHale’s 991 B Range

991 BC Cable Control

Trailed Round Bale Wrapper

991 BJS Servo Joystick

Trailed Round Bale Wrapper

991 BE Fully Automatic

Trailed Round Bale Wrapper