Global Constellation Coverage

Long Battery

Wide Work



Lightweight &

Make Navigation More Accurate

The FJD V1 Base Station is a lightweight GNSS RTK receiver that supports all constellations and frequencies. With strong anti-interference capabilities, it provides fast and accurate positioning even in harsh environments. Its portable feature allows the product to be easily applied to and customized for various fields such as agricultural navigation, engineering surveys, and more. Our FJD V1 Base Station Bracket kit, which comes with the station, offers extra stability and accuracy for agricultural operations.

Wide Work Range

The product supports TRIMTALK, TRIMARK III, TT450S, TRANSEOT, and Satel 3AS 4FSK. Under normal conditions, the working range of the product is 5km, but it can vary from 3km to 8km, depending on interference in the working environment. With an FJD external radio, the working range can reach up to 30km in optimal conditions.

Long Battery Life

Powered by a high-capacity battery, this device offers up to 10 hours of battery life when used in base station mode. For extended use, you can pair it with an external energy storage device or power it continuously through utility power.

Lightweight & Durable

Drive Straight & One-click Turn Around
The assisted driving system helps you to perfect your work without holding the levers and truly turn the working time your time. Working is no longer a burden, but a relaxing and enjoyable driving experience.

Effortless Connectivity with APP

This app is specifically designed to assist users in rapidly configuring their base stations on both Android and iOS devices. Boasting a sleek interface and an exceptionally user-friendly experience, the setup process has never been more streamlined and efficient.

Application Scenarios