What do boats and tractors have in common you may ask….

Bale Baron Uk Ltd of Pulborough in Sussex are the Solis Tractor Stockist & Dealers for Sussex Surrey and Kent. And we have just delivered to a nearby coastal Boat Club, a new Solis 50 4WD Tractor.

This powerful and robust tractor has been chosen for the role of launching a range of fishing boats.

We’ve been to Cornwall plenty of times over the past years and my Father in Law reckons the old John Deere at Pentewan Sands (below) is still the same one he saw when we were kids. These agricultural machines do the most wonderful job of launching private and commercial vessels.

The Boat Club in question however considered purchasing a used tractor but having viewed the Solis 50 at a local Agricultural show in Sussex were amazed at the value for money.

Consequently they purchased a new Solis 50 with it’s 3 year manufacturers warranty and now have local support and a superb piece of equipment for their exact purpose.

Equipped with a 50mm ball at the front and an “A Frame Towbar” at the rear mounted on the hydraulic 3 point linkage,  the Solis 50 is prepared for coastal action.

Bale Baron Uk Ltd stock the range of Compact Tractors to suit a wide range of requirements.

From the smaller 20HP & 26HP models to the larger 50HP, & 75HP models, they all carry the 3 year Manufacturers Warranty.

There is even a 75HP Narrow model especially for maintaining Vineyards and Orchards.

So if you are moving boats, mowing grass, shifting horse poo, rolling or harrowing, Bale Baron can offer you a suitable Compact Tractor and implements to suit your specific requirements.

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