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Which is the best option for my Solis compact tractor, a topper or a flail?

If you’ve got a large garden, a few acres or more you may be thinking about swapping in your lawn mower for a more versatile compact tractor. Not only can it do the job of mowing your lawn and keeping your paddocks cut but you can also roll, harrow, cut hedges etc. Here at Solis Sussex, Surrey and Kent we would definitely recommend a 26 HP Solis tractor with either a topper or flail mower.

The next question you might ask is whether you need a topper or a flail mower. We’ve given the pros and cons of toppers below which will hopefully give you a better idea of which one is more suited for your needs.


A topper, as the name suggests, takes the tops off the grass


  • Great for overgrown paddocks
  • If used regularly leaves a nice finish on a lawn
  • Leaves longer cut grass making it easy to rake up and remove the grass
  • A single rotor topper has no belts or chains to go wrong
  • Cheaper than a flail


  • Not so good on rough or uneven ground
  • Grass cuttings are left to be raked and moved


A flail is a more versatile option than a topper.


  • Cuts long grass, brambles etc. in overgrown paddocks
  • Chops up all cuttings into small pieces leaving less to pick up
  • Leaves grass cuttings short and “mulched” to break down and act as a natural fertiliser and with no need to pick up the cuttings
  • Can handle rough and uneven ground
  • More compact than a topper so easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and to store


  • Due to being more versatile flails will also come with a slightly higher price tag
  • With more belts there is a higher chance that parts may need replacing

Overall a flail is the more “all round” option allowing you to stop your paddocks and fields from becoming overgrown (and cutting them back when they do) while a topper is more likely to give you a better finish on verges and lawns.

Once you’ve made a decision on either the flail or topper you may also be wondering which tyre type would be best for you. Check out our article on Solis tyre types here.

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